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April 2018
Pastor’s Page
If April showers bring May flowers, what do May Flowers bring? Why the Pilgrims of course! 

April is going to be bringing a lot of CHANGES here at our loving church. We have already started the floor work that will be completed the weeks of April 15-28. It will mean that we will need to make some accommodations for the work being done and may be a slight inconvenience for 2 weeks, but my what a difference it will make! We are also renovating the Men’s and Women’s bathrooms! You will hardly know the place when all the changes are complete 

I’m just asking that you be patient as we transform and renew the building. I’m sure YOU will enjoy it for years to come as well as your children’s children.

We will also be updating our data base and you will get slips of paper in your bulletin and mail box. If you could fill those out and turn them into the office or put them in the offering plate, it would be appreciated.

Enjoy the oncoming spring! I hope to see YOU each week as we try to grow together in Christ’s love and peace.

See You On Sunday,
Pastor Byrl

April 7 6am-2pm: Huge Rummage Sale at Bethany Church of the Brethren. Pancakes & Sausage 6am-9am Lunch 11am-2pm…Lots of rummage sale items for your consideration.

April 8 11:30am: Meal and a Movie!! Fun for all, meal, movie, snacks. Serving a  deli (sub) sandwhich, chips and drinks. Then Popcorn with the Movie!!!

May 6 : All Church BIRTHDAY PARTY after Worship!!! Talk about FUN…

May 20: Haystack Fundraiser Meal…right after worship!!!

July 28 4:30-6:30pm: Hillbilly Hotdogs- Donations accepted- mmm, mmm, good!!!


Church Office Phone:  574-773-4044
E-mail Address:  byrlshaver@gmail.com

Pastor:  Byrl Shaver II
Phone: 574-333-5233

Pastors’ Office Hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Varies or by appointment

To start the Phone Tree
    Call Pastor Byrl to start the PHONE TREE    Remember, you must have permission from the
 person for whom you are making the request, or their immediate family, before starting the Phone Tree.
Regarding Phone Tree messages
    If you aren’t receiving Phone Tree messages, please notify the office so you can be put on the 
list. Or, if you have changed your phone number, please let the office know.
What to do if you need pastoral care and the pastor is on vacation
    When Pastor Byrl is on vacation and pastoral care is needed, you may call:
    , Church Boa rd Chair: Randy Spitaels 
    or your own personal deacon.

Brody & Diana Morningstar (Ava & Paisley too!)-Roman & Deb Lehman; Laura Rhoades, Lillibel Ellis, Carole Gessinger, Lou Ann Pippen, Bruce Earl , Gwen Tobias, Sarah Morckel, Roger Hamsher. YOUR PRAYER PARTNER.
    Jackie & Noma Miller, Velma Miller, Esther Kintzel, Marian Martz, Betty Searfoss, Dottie Snider, Clarabelle Hartman
Free Walk-In Community Meals
    Free Walk-In Community Meals are held in the Fellowship Hall of our church from 5-6 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays as part of our continuing ministry to the Nappanee community as a whole. WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please show up to EAT on those days and then give your name to volunteer monthly to help serve and clean up. You will be blessed by the fellowship as well as the meals.
The next meeting of the WOW Club will be on Friday, April 13 at 11:30 am. U.S.6 Diner ...Hope to see YOU there    The WOW (Widows, Older Folks & Widowers) Club meets on second Fridays at 11:30 a.m. for lunch at a local restaurant.
DEACON’S: May 8 6:30pm

ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD: May 15 at 6:30PM.  All are Welcome

NEW FLOORS: Will be installed from April 15-28. 

Mail Boxes are in the  Library!!! Go check yours out, you may  have some NEW MAIL!!! You can put Greeting Cards in folks boxes if you so wish!

Congregational Business Meeting: May 15, 2018 after Worship
Please keep your 2018 prayer partner in your prayers!


April birthdays                April anniversaries
6    Deb Lehman            1 Byrl & Janet Shaver
13    Judy Robinson              Angie & Cedric Rollins
15    Jolene Binns            2 Fred & Bev Johnson
18    Teresa Hamsher
    Helen Sheets
19    Maddie Spitaels
21    Madison Shepherd
23    Phil Rhoades
28    Westin Brugh
29    Shirley Yoder

If your name is not on the birthday or anniversary list and you would like it to be, please contact the church office.
Nappanee Church of the Brethren
301 Mack Drive
Nappanee, IN 46550