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Summer Edition
June, July, August 2018
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A Great Adventure…
Do YOU realize how BLESSED YOU really are??
       I can hardly imagine the day to day things that we take for granted that are just part of our normal everyday living.
   One summer, in 1960 something, we were going on a family vacation! Have you ever heard of SAFARI LAND?? Neither had I, but it sounded like a whole lot of fun and it was close to Washington DC so were going to double down on the fun by visiting our Nation’s Capital and 
the wonderful sites at the Smithsonian Institute.
   We loaded up our family station wagon. It was the big one with pop up seats in the back that you could make faces at the people behind you as your dad drove along! O,, sure it made you a little car sick riding backwards, but it was so worth it to make crazy faces at the people behind
 us! It was a real cool place to ride too because the back glad would roll down pumping in the fumes of the exhaust for all to enjoy.
   Well once again, I don’t remember the exact year it was, But I think it would be easy to find if 
I was so inclined, because it was the year that was rivaling HELL for the hottest weather. Once again I ask, have YOU ever been to Safari Land??? Well guess what is at Safari Land? REAL WILD ANIMALS! Not cute cuddly animals, but real people eating, flesh devouring monsters 
and wild monkeys that would jump on your car and pound it with their little fists of fury. You know, that station wagon with all of the glorious gadgets it had supplied from the Ford motor company, including and real cigarette lighter, did not have air conditioning! We were about to
 die in the car of heat stroke because we had to keep our windows rolled up to keep the 
monkey’s from throwing stuff in our windows or the lions from having us for lunch. Needless
 to say, we didn’t  last long in Safari Land. However before we went to the Smithsonian
 Institute, my dad stopped by the local Montgomery Wards and put an air conditioner in our 
   Remember that back seat that we loved so well?? Now we were leaning over the front seat to
 get a feel of the nice cool air of our air conditioner! What a BLESSING indeed!
   I think often times we forget how BLESSED we really are, so let me ask YOU to remember to THANK GOD daily for ALL that you are being blessed by.
“ Abraham believed and was blessed; so all who believe are blessed as he was.” Galatians 3:9 

Enjoy the summer of BLESSINGS, just waiting for YOU
In The Lord’s Love and Joy,
Pastor Byrl

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What to do if you need pastoral care and the pastor is on vacation
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The next meeting of the WOW Club will be on Friday, June 8, July 13 and August 10
    The WOW (Widows, Older Folks & Widowers) Club meets on second Fridays at 11:30 a.m. for lunch at a local restaurant. 
Annual Conference: July 4-8  Cincinnati,Ohio Duke Energy Convention Center: “Living Parables”
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    4 Taylor Marie Finn                     2     Darrin and Caryn Miller
    8    Pam Kirkwood                    3      Paul & Lisa (Shively) Burris
        June Geyer                    6     Zachary & Danielle Greenawalt
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    30    Greg Gessinger
        Phil Paugh
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1 Benson Baumgartner                    7      Don & Sandy Higginbotha
2 June Garner                       18     Dick & Helen Sheets
3 Glenda Sheets                    23     Bill & Tammy Holdeman
4 Noma Miller                        26     Mark & Kelly Simpson
6 Laura Rhoades                    27     LaMar & Sharlene Nusbaum
    8    Lewis Swihart
    12    Shirley Rudolph
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    18    Judy Christner
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    22    Tracy Brugh
    24    Kellie Malone
        Neil Fryman
    25    Lisa Burris
    28    Tyler Newcomer
    29    LeAnn Rohr
        Kelsey Hamsher
    31    Tom Bradway
        Jenni Heeter
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1    Caryn Miller                1    Randy & Annette Spitaels
4    Marge Thompson            7    Tom & Roxann Monhaut
5    Marian Martz                Keith & Amy Swihart
7    Rex Schultz            19    Mel & Gayle Kemp
10    Anita Miller            21    Neill & Pam Kirkwood
    11    Randy Spitaels                Carson & Denise Adcock
16    Julie Stouder            24    Ken & Wanda Heckathorn
17    Todd Geyer            27    Dean & Janet Kagarise
        Tim Geyer
    20    Allison Holdeman
    21    Sharon Tusing
    22    Sharon Buss
    23    Kyle Whitcraft
        Debra Hoke (Mrs. Denton)
    24    Nathan Dausman
        Max Miller
    26    Shanna Maust
        Lee Farney
    30    Janet Showalter